This is my knitting blog to keep me and you up to date on what i'm doing for me its a designer journal almost and you can take a spy at the knitwear i create.

Friday, 21 August 2009

I've moved

Thats right my blog has moved but don't be upset it's got more space and pages to allow me to do things i wasn't able to go ahead with before so be happy all my patterns are on there to download also

i've moved to nessasknits

Hope you like and will join me over there soon xxx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I Haven't talked Much about my knitting lately

I Haven't mentioned much knitting lately mainly because i was rather busy these past few weeks.

And now i have too much time , my hours at work have been cut so most of my week is free to knit like a crazy lady.

And my knitting group is going from stength to strength more people are turning up to the nero's knitters group every weekend which is a superb thing.

And monday this week i had my moomin tattoo done on my leg at last, the colour work is going to be done later but i love it, My good friend mmbop shavaz is a practicing tattooist know and i was one of his testers lol!! And yes that is his name he had it changed from steve to mmbop lol!!!

I have also bought a spindle which is fantastic i can barely put it down it's an ashford drop spindle and i'm using merino wool already dyed. a red, orange and blue is being used the blue is actually name blueberry pie which is the main reason i purchased it lol!!

I have finished the ripple and tweed socks which took me a week to make and had to redo the toe but it all works fine and the pattern is cool. i know have 2 shawls on the go one is a medalion pieced shawl, and i'm debating my next pair of socks. i also have a balachlava to start. And petes jumper to carry on knitting and a lace cable jumper for me, i'm bombarded with knitting.

Monday, 10 August 2009

New sock pattern

The ripple and tweed sock, i designed a few weeks ago when i purchased for the first time some kureyon sock yarn by noro, I liked the idea of designing my own sock for the first time and making the pattern for you to download for free as a pdf file. download now

I hope you like them enjoy peeps xx

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

other totoro mittens

other totoro mittens finally knit up, the pattern is free on ravelryfrom brella's designs it's a great mitten to knit and really cosy

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

First knitted sock

Just day i finished my first pair of socks, and i totally understand the craze for sock knitting, it's portable, it's quick and there cozy. plus they are a quick and easy way to try out new stitch patterns.

the pattern i used is called Komet.

I found it as a free ravelry download, it's a brilliant pattern, i'm just glad i'm done so i can wear the finished results.

Knitting socks is a thing of my future from know on.

I used patons 100% cotton 4ply 100g and it took one ball to make a pair of size 5 komet socks with plenty to spare. The yarn is lovely to use but be careful it's a slippy yarn, i salvaged stitches many of times with these socks. 


Monday, 29 June 2009

Finished and Started

I have just recently finshed knitting myself a slouchy hat from a pattern i found a while ago on ravelry called 'Wurm' by katushika. I had bought the yarn 4 days before deciding to knit, i had an urge to by the wool with no project intended for it's use. The yarn is Sirdar Escape, shade - 0187. It's a 51% wool and 49% acrylic and i used 3 50g skeins for the project and have one and abit spare for some small mitts i think which i intended on using the same ribbing pattern which is used for the hat. It's a great and simple project for beginners or as a travelling project. it's took me a few days to complete on and off. I love buyin yarn and finding a perfect pattern for using it up lol! this pattern was made for this wool lol!

On the other hand i know have a few projects to keep my creative senses tingling 

1- Buchanan by Louisa Harding.  I found the pattern in the first issue of the knitter and i have had a fair share of mishaps and had to start again but thankfully it's working out fine the second time round :)

2- Is My new mint chocolate sock pattern which i'm creating the pattern will be out soon i'm sure it won't take me too long.

3- 3rd project is my parteners new sweater which i have just started and i decide to call it the urple purple jumper lol!! it took me ages to find a man purple for him, i just hope he'll wear it.

I have a few other projects listed 1 of the wurm hat for a present, and another hat which i was just requested to knit for someone, i might started them this weekend as my travelling projects

In the past few weeks insects have been taking a large interest in being where i tend to be, which i'm not too keen on. the other weekend at work while on my own at the shop a giant moth decided to join me behind the count which i wasn't happy about it then went missing for 10 minutes making me think it was safe to work and then after freaking me out for a good 20minutes decided to come out of it's hidding place and fly for the door and left. The moth was creeply big it was as big as my little finger yuke!!

Then i had came across i massive spider in the bathroom inplace of my friendly little spider that i watch when i'm on the loo, it was that big i ended up having t squash it with the mop plus i thought it ate my little spider friend, but i found him today he's moved to another corner in the room where i can still watch him.

And i rescued a big bumble from my bedroom after he'd taken a liking to one of my flowery dresses and wouldn't leave lol!! bless him 

I'm kinda hoping no more insect mania for me this week

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lots of things have happened, i just haven't had chance to say

It's crazy i haven't posted for a few weeks yet so much things happened, first of all i'm abit cranky this evening due to a new peircing thats just started hurting even though i had it done hours ago, it's a scaffold so it's giving me abit of ear ache, plus its on my sleeping side so bed time is going to be hell tonight. Anyways it looks great and i thank my friend steve for letting me be his lab rat lol!!

Second thing is over a week ago i started the first knitting club in wakefield uk. Whoop we are on ravelry for those that want to join the group is called nero's knitters, we knit every sunday from 1:30pm til we want to go home, last week was the first week which to be honest only had a small amount of people show up but saying that we had a great time, large coffee for the price of a regular aswell for the knitting group which for me was a bonus. With all the lace work going on i decided to have ago to see if i could actually do it and to my shock it's really not that hard and i finished my lace scarf yesterday only three days of knitting it and i blocked it today. it looks beautiful.

And i am now going to start my new pattern called mint chocolate socks, i'm using patons 100% cotton 4 ply shade -1726 , 1722 i have 2 skeins of each and they are 100g each so much knitting to do and pattern planning thats right a new pattern is on the horizon