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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

last post for december

God the last post for December, most people love to get christmas over with but i certainly don't it goes too fast for my liking plus it ownly means one thing a new year is round the corner and for me in britain it'll be here in about an hour and half yikes!

but i figured i'd like to end the year with a post so i would like to confess a sin of which i did about a minute ago. well i can't drink alcohol (personal reasons) but i thought i'd have a drink before i go out and remember my good friend charlotte had given me a bottle of coca cola but one of the glass bottled kind and thought i'd have that but to my amazement the bottle just doesn't want me to drink it as i can't get the metal cap off, so i tryed to peel it back with a biro, screwdriver, safety pin which non of them broke, they just could get the cap off so instead i decided to use my two days old crochet kneedle (brand new) metal one size 0.75 and started to prize the cap off and didn't budget but even though i knew it was a bad idea i carried on trying and without fault of my own i broke it! and may i say the cap is still firmly on (damn cola)

so there is a lesson to be learn't here for next year don't spoil something new and nice by trying to open a bottle because so bad will happen too it, no matter what.

i think a resolution for me should be, get bottle opener

i will never fall for this mistake again (unless i'm stupid)  :)

happy new years eve.


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