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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Morning, Its Christmas day in olde england lol!

And i am still waiting for my partener to wake up so i thought i'd venture on to the web for a hour or so before i have to get ready for the christmas dinner at my nan's house. my mum has already called to wishing me happy xmas even though she's picking me up in about 2 n half hours. She asked me if i'd just woken up? i said yes the next question i got was, so have you opened your presents yet? i admitted that i had already done so last night. Thankfully she didn't mind so yeah for early gifts.

Christmas is great, i love it, visiting family and see them all happy. It's a wonderful time of year, i even had a surprise yesterday when pete (my partener) was actually excited about his gifts. he's never excited at xmas. so that was a great, it made me happier. I mainly can't wait to see my lil bro i bet he's well chuffed with his presents.

All i want to know now is what's on the xmas dinner?


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