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Monday, 29 December 2008

The Punk Rock Backpack

Yesterday i went out for a few hours and came back with a brand spankin new book mainly for reference and a pattern i loved to make which was a punk rock backpack from the Stitch n Bitch handbook by debbie stoller which has now become my new knitting bible until i buy another knitting book that i enjoy just as much, anyway i decide to buy some new wool to start and create this backpack, which i am doing as a side project for when i get abit tired of messing around creating my knit cable hooded jacket.

Anyways i went to my ownly local knitting supplies store to buy some more teddy wool that's the ownly make they sell although it is quite a good bargin and nice to knitting with and so i purchased some teddy vanguard double knit bottle green wool and i purchased 3 balls ( i know i won't need this much but it's for incase) and i have just started it this evening. it's so simple but nice not to having to knit something so time consuming. 

If you have this book buy the way you probably have past buy this pattern a few times thought i might make that or you have already done so.

when i have done i'll post a picture of my efforts.

i'm thinking of knitting my brother one for his sixth birthday with Wall:E on it.

hope to see you soon

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