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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Why Hello There!

Hey everybody,

Well i am just taking a short break for a few hours to nosey about the internet for new knitted glories ( things that catch my eye and would love to knit or in yarns case would love to purchase) i like to take a nessesry break to ponder about my work in creation and browse to find new ideas for new inspired works. I know now just looking at my knitting of my new jacket i have been knitting for a few days know that it is going to take a while and i had to start knitting the biggest piece first the back. yikes! but it is going good to say it is my first cabled jumper which surprised me because looking at gorgeus cabling on sweaters, hat, gloves and other beautiful items i always thought cabling was difficult and instead it just looks dawnting as when you read how to cable it is so easy. and then attempting to knit cabling is easier still so i am greatly happy as i know that my red wine coloured yarn will look beautiful when fully finished into my jacket, which if you bought january 2009 issue of Knitting and go to page 20 that is what i'm heading to knit for myself because it is so beautiful there is also a red cape and muff in the magazine that reminds me so much of red ridding hood that i think is beautiful i just don't think i'd have an occasion to wear it myself which is a massive shame. i'm still listening to past episodes of cast on (podcast) keep up the great work brenda really love the show your like a friend that i wish i had.

i shall post a picture tomorrow hopefully of the jacket so you can browse at the jacket if you haven't got the magazine and you can gaze at it's glory 

see you all soon please don't be affraid to leave comments


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