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Friday, 16 January 2009

2 weeks

These past 2 weeks will haunt me throughout the year as the worst weeks of 2009, i have just gotten better from a 15 day trama of being constantly unwell, from a sinuse cold for 6 days to conjunctivitous for 5 days to diaherria n sickness for 4 days. The only day i have had this year where i wasn't ill was infact new years day. I  was infact beginning to think i was cursed but it seems today i am fine so i've pulled my weakened self together to blog.

Anyways while i was ill i had a nice delivery from my parteners mum who had brought me a book i ordered and had been waiting for which was KnitKnit- by Sabrina Gschwandtner, I can seriously say it got my creative juices flowing but all i could think of was sleep so i'm going to take a more interested look tomorrow, Also i found 3 knitting magazines today in a charity shop for 30p each and they were all vogue knitting so i've been happily searching through those this eve. 

I feel rather guility aswell as i forgot one of my friends birthdays as i was ill, And feel i should maybe knit some gloves for him too apolgise for being poo! i hate it when people miss mine and it is easy to forgive a friend for forgetting but as friends we should not so i think i may need to make him something nice that he would wear so i though fingerless gloves, it's quite his style.

Also this gift will give me focus while i wait for my only yarn shop to order some more wool in for my cabled jacket, if they don't the lady who runs the store did say she could order it in specially for me, which is promising at least i'd hate for them not to stock it anymore and me be stuck with a back of a jacket that would never be completed, that would horrify me so it's Crossed Fingers for me.

i've just realised it's raining i can hear the drops beating down on the skylight in my room and it doesn't sound pleasent


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