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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I'm not well but gives me an excuse to knit more.

Right, i'm kind of suffering at the moment as i've caught i a bad cold, my head is in an uncomfy place right know and i have sleep for 17 hours last night and still would like to sleep except my body can't stay in the sleeping position any longer as it's too painful to withstand so here i am posting. i mentioned the other day the new cabled jacket i am knitting and have the image from the magazine so you can see what i'm going to create.i also have a few images on how my first cabling is going, unfortunatly my camera hasn't caught the colour of the wool right which is a shame, my digital camera and lighting have decide my yarn is a bright orangy red instead of a wine red so i may have to take it outside next time i photography it, unfortunatly i can't at the minute i don't want my cold to get any worse than it already is.

i love how it's got big cables at the bottom egde of the jacket and gets smaller into the ribbing it's beautiful i can't wait till i have finished mine it'll look wonderful.

below- image of my cabling but you can see what i mean about the colour of the yarn the camera has made it look horrid. i'll have to hang it on the washing line outside and take a photo next time. hopefully i'll be better soon *crossed fingers* x

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