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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My First Memory's Of Knitting

I haven't been knitting for long but i'm sure everybody shares a similar memory of learning to knit. Mine was when i was about 10 or 12 years of age i can't remember extactly but i was taught by my nan. As most people when learning to knit they tend to ask a relative or a friend rather than refering to books. My nan used to be a seamstress when she was younger and so i thought that she may have pursuded knitting at some point. I on the other hand was looking for something different to take a hand too and had just found my mum's old needles in her spare room and took them to my nan and asked her too teach me. She first showed me how to slip knot and cast on, then she riped them off the needle and said it was my go. Happily i did so perfectly, she then showed my how to knit and she produced a few rows before giving me the needles to have a try. I got the hang of it although my tension wasn't great. The only probelm was the next time i came to knit i couldn't recall how to go about it, i'd suffered a slight amnesia, my brain had a memory lapse . Until recently when i decided to take up knitting again i had completely forgot how to knit, then for the second time i picked up the needles and without any reference i made my slipknot, cast on my 60 stitches and actually started to knit, it came back too me like a flash back only this time my tension was perfect and i've started learning more and more about knitting and haven't forgot a single thing of it. I think when i was younger i wasn't as interested which why i let it slip my mind ( or needles), but as a young adult who is interested in what she can learn about all arts and crafts, it as become a hobbie of which i enjoy and so enjoyably remember which is great as i can actually finish a whole project instead of a few short rows.

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