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Thursday, 1 January 2009

A new year and a new look on life

Resoultions for me-

To make sure i keep up the good work with knits and start to sell some online.

Earn more money so me and my partener can live somewhere better

Get a creative job

Start my Sketchbooks again

start spinning and dying my own wools

have fun and not to let things get me down

Make a local knitting group (wakefield doesn't have one )

see the northern lights in scotland

teach my friends to knit more

and leave my job at the corner shop. (it needs to be done)

Good things of 2008

i got too see the Happy mondays at bingley music festival and Pendulum at leeds

i got my little fellow hamster (coco pop) and she's beautiful

i started knitting again which as brought out my new creative flow

we went to edinbourgh for a wedding but i wanted to go for the adventure 

Bad things of 2008

my great grandma and grandad passed away (i miss you both dearly)

i quit university because the course was horrid and ended up suffering from depression and didn't paint for a whole year.

put on a weight (which is always a shock to the system)

me and my partener nearly split up but thankfully talked things through and we are fine know, but that day was the worst day i had to sit through the entire year.

my friend amanda came home from cardiff for xmas and didn't tell me :(

Im hoping 2009 is going to rock my knitted socks off!!!!

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