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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Posting photo's is bringing my to stressful times

I haven't posted i'm a little while due to everytime i have tried it's taken me 2 hours to get 3 photo's on and then i've gotten stressed and given up on it and decided to do it later. I have to say i feel very guility for not doing so, at which point i decided to throw the photo's aside and just post instead. so i'm supposed to get up for work in a fours hours but still i decide to write and try to get in the mode for sleeping but i'm sure it's going to happen anytime soon as i'm listening to the great cast on podcast and am wide awake.

i've lately been browsing over a website called etsy, i love searching for new inspiration on there it bring light to my ideas in so many different ways i love it. check it out. 

My jacket is still not complete my yarn shop is starting to upset me as it still hasen't recieved it's new order of yarn since christmas and so i'm stuck with a gorgeus back piece of a jacket and no more wool to knit the rest i think i may have to have a few words with them. it's upsetting me the fact my first cable jacket may not ever be finished at any point.

i'm hoping more look will come through so i don't get bored do regular things to take knittings place like drinking coffee, searching the internet, walking the park and food shopping i just want to knit damn it!

i'm disraught x

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