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Sunday, 11 January 2009

You haven't blogged, so i shall

I have noticed that non of the bloggers, on my blog list have blogged yet today so i decided i would has  i have just finished the back piece of my cabled jacket, i feel so proud. It's my first cable project and ribbing and it's going extremely well although i do need to state that i could have finished it fast if i had have planned my time to knit but i forgot to diary my knitting hours to keep to and laxed abit, My bad. But it is a big piece and the back only took me two weeks and i have to say it had as much knitting as my last project and i finished that in a month so i'm happy my knitting is getting quicker and i'm learning things along the way, which i am remembering well.

If you haven't bought the new magazine The Knitter, i would if i was you it is a brilliant magazine with beautifully glossy pages, lovely photography to inspire and each issue as a different theme, this issue was Cabling and lace and there are some gorgeus patterns, i also bought a magazine thats an import from the US called knit 1 which is great it's bright and colourful, eye catching some awesome projects in there too, i think they are both going on my magazines to buy list. along with so many others.

And i am currently doing my bit it get together my yarn stash and extra skeins from finished projects and i am going to knot them together and make a crazy scarf at the end of the year for winter. so all my extra yarn isn't going to waste.

I hope you've all had a good week.

cu soon x

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