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Saturday, 7 February 2009

It's been an hectic few days

It was my birthday on friday and i had an awesome day, my partener took me for a coffee and shopping and we went for a meal at my favourite chinese resturant, i get really annoyed with myself as i eat to many of the starters and get full, i do believe the starters are the best and crispy duck yum!!

Then today i had a coffee with my two great friends lisa and charlotte, and yet again more shopping.And a trip to the pub in the evening.

Little list of my presents:

  1. Gorgeous babycham pumps (with a deer and rainbow on side)
  2. A raving Rabbids figure, it's so cute
  3. 2 crayola styled Ds stylus's
  4. An Animated film - Persepolis
  5. Book - I AM PLASTIC by paul budnitz - the designer toy explosion
  6. A picture frame with butterflys on, pucca purse, and a hand warmer
  7. 2 gorgeus dresses one with mushrooms and one with giraffe's and tree's
  8. A flowerly jumper
  9. Plain grey cardigan
  10. Some new gloves
  11. And a treat to some new knitting needles

And know my birthday is over normal days can begin yet again.

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