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Sunday, 1 February 2009

it's snowing

I quite believe but it's actually snowing, england very rarely see's snow i haven't seen it since i was about 5 or 6 yrs old and i love it. I'm going to take pictures as proof, unfortunately i found out some day news yesterday so i was quite upset, one of my friends and customers at work, passed away last weekend, she was around 70 years of age and she had been hospitalised about 7 months ago but i couldn't quite believe it, but her sister came in and told me and said she thought alot of me, which i thought alot of her too she was a wonderful lady, very kind and loving always asking about me and checking i was ok, she was like another grandma figure in my life and know she has gone i am going to miss her greatly. i'm not very religious but i wish her the best in heaven and Rest in Peace you are in a much safer place now and i know you will be watching down on me at somepoint, goodbye mrs carr.

She had a great life and lovely friends and family as anyone deserves.

on a less morbid note: it's snowing yea!! And i'm listening to ambient music while watching my friends play poker. i just wish i could be in the snow 


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