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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Knitting animation start up

I'm starting an animation with my friend i'm help create the set, she need an extra helping pair of hands for all the knitting so i offered my knitting skills. It's going to be a stop motion piece, with a knitted set and cardboard people. we are also going to be looking at perspective for the buildings. crocheted mushrooms and flowers.

My first task is to focus on the green patchy grass which will be made up of square swatchs of different knitting techniques which will then be knitted together, like a patchy knitted quilt which is for the grass.

My little notes-

  1.  need 2.75mm needles
  2. need some small mushrooms and a couple a few centimetres taller.
  3. set up my friend an hotmail account to keep intouch about the project.
  4. finish all 200g of wool on the swatchs.
  5. Keep note of all techniques i use through the grass making.
  6. research different ways to crochet flowers, also research by looking at different ranges of flowers.
  7. look at different types of mushrooms.
  8. put all of this into a book for charlotte to put towards her project.

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