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Monday, 9 February 2009

More hectic days to come...

I have found out today i have more shifts at work and this means i will get alot more money coming in which means i can also buy knitting books of which i have being dying to purchase. And lots more yarn to come.

I would like to thank a lady from san fransico called margret, who is kindly donating me some circular needles sizes 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm. which i am very thankful. I've been waiting for them in the post for a week since she'd sent them off and have to say i am very excited to recieve them so i can start knitting with them.

I did manage to purchase some double pointed needles which i have to say i'm finding quite hard to use as they are quite uncomfortable and fiddly but i'm sure after abit of practice i should be a a dab hand at using these too.

I've currently recieved a new pc from which my parteners mum donated to me which i have got set up, i'm still transferring music which is seeming to take forever.

And i am slowly getting my sleeping time back after the busy birthday weekend.

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