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Friday, 27 March 2009

First intarsia ( totoro jumper)

I started intarsia for the first time and i must say it is very fiddley, once you know what you are doing it's pretty simple, but i have to be relaxed before i start it otherwise i would go mental on it because all the hanging bobbins are driving me crazy, they constantly get tangled and unravel everywhere, it seems it stress upon stress when your a beginner but i shall go on because it's going to be a awesome jumper one it's done with totoro on the front. I have to let out my childish edge sometimes.

If you haven't got this book, i'd recommend purchasing, it's got some great images, beautiful patterns and it bring inspiration to softie knitters. It's by Donna Wilson. Gladly i had a browse in my local bookstore and they normally have all the same old knitting books i see every week, but not this week and i found this lovely gem.

I've done so well with my wisp socks tey are coming on greatly, and look fantastic thankfully.

I'm hoping to finish my socks soon but i don't know with the totoro jumper being a main part of my days, we shall have to see x

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