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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The older generation

I have recently started knitting at my work, during the boring hours after doing my duties. And too my amazement i have a great amount of people taking in interest which tend to be of the older generation.
The customers seem to see me knitting and straight away start telling me about there own knitting experiences. If not it's usually to give comments like, " i thought ownly mothers and grandma's knit" or the most often " why are you knitting?" which follows with a look of disgust, strangely enough.
More often than not the conversations start with how the person started knitting, much like a gentlemen that came in a few weeks ago to buy a paper at my work. While knitting at my counter he reached out his hands took my knitting from me and started doing a whole rows of stitches. " i'm quite surprised i remembered how do this, it's been so long" then he passed back the knitting, he explained how he used too knit for his two sisters when they were little, as his mother passed away when they was young and with money being tight he used to make them jumpers and other garments. One thing that interested me was that he, as a man said " Knitting is one of the greatest skills you could learn, it's a shame they don't learn it in schools anymore".
Alot of customers once they have noticed me knitting seem to request wooly items to be made for them, while offering to pay for my services and the yarn.
More often questions are how long have you been knitting?, how do you use dpns?, what are circular needles for?
Recently i went to a yarn store in leeds where a older lady told me the secrts of a knitter, like knitting was a secret society or a covern, as if i never knew the reason why so many women knit.

It shows that knitting is no more a thing of the past but it is also a thing of the future

My six year old brother as even started asking me too teach him but he has the attention span of a nat, his started making a list of items he'd want me to knit for him such as clothes for his kermit teddy and a backpack for his toys.

It's great how many people love or appreciate knitting although many won't admit it, but the knitters know who the other knitters are. Trust me, We do.

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