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Monday, 23 March 2009


I'm rather shattered and furious at this present time, I've been working constantly for a good few months now. It is starting to take up most of my living time and knitting time especially. Although i love the amount of money i am currently making i just wish i had more spare time to knit. The money comes in handy for all those knitting luxurys such as new needles, books, magazines, yarns etc... But i barely have anytime to use them at the minute. After i've been at work all i want to do is eat and watch a film and sleep, i am exhausted. truely.

I do on the other hand have the joy of being able to knit at work once it's gone quiet and i've done my jobs but that isn't very often.

I have nearly finished one of my wisp socks it's slowly but surely on it's way to completion ( i know what your thinking it's about time, i know cos i'm thinking the same)

And the month is almost over, another one bites the dust lol!!

Me and my partener have been together now for 2 years whoop! it's been a rough year but we are going strong and happily as ever 


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