This is my knitting blog to keep me and you up to date on what i'm doing for me its a designer journal almost and you can take a spy at the knitwear i create.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wisp socks

The Wisp Socks

These socks i've resently started knitting are going to be a new member to my sock draw, I resently wanted to experiment with knitting more than one yarn at a time and so i decided to knit a pair of slouchy socks to go with my boots. I'm actually quite surprised at how much i love them and the idea of knitting with a few yarns it makes it far more interesting to see how it comes out. especially since the colours aren't that consistent. Although thats the detail that makes them look quirky. I'm writing the pattern as i go along so i can post it for others to see once i'm done.


  1. I think the colors are looking very nice together. Good choice!

  2. i was abit unsure about the colours at first but as i started to knit them together i knew i had made the right choice, which is great!

    And thank you for the comment