This is my knitting blog to keep me and you up to date on what i'm doing for me its a designer journal almost and you can take a spy at the knitwear i create.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Some new for me and you!

I know i've been gone for quite awhile, i've been rushed off my feet working for the past fews weeks and i've finally gotten some free leisure time Wahoo!!
So i've been knitting the rest of my intarsia totoro on my jumper which i have nearly finished, and i have gotten a knitty request from a friend for a jumper with a magpie on to get started in return she's making me a satchel big enough to fit my knitting needles with separate pockets of other stuff, so all is exciting. I've also been watching the gilmore girls non stop, it's easy to knit too which i appreciate cos i still need to keep my eyes on my knitting need abit more practise on that part lol!!

I've also found a few gems on the internet which i love, and are great sites for knitters

the first is a site for making charts for needle point and knitting you just upload you photo click a few opitions and it give you the photo as a chart in a pdf file to save where ever you wish this is on

the second is great for choosing colour schemes or just to pick colours for ideas of what you may use next in your knitting projects so check out

hope you enjoy them as much as i do xx


  1. those are cool websites! :D Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. thats ok thought the knitters out there would apperciate some handy tools have fun!!! :)

  3. I have allways loved color. It is one of the things that just makes me happy. And finding a link like this to colour lovers just makes me even happier. Thank you so much!