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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I'm now a Ravelry Designer

Yes thats right i'm so chuffed i'm now a Ravelry Designer and i'm planner my future knits already, i've started designing some charts for some colour work, while occupied with a baby blanket a gift for a friend who is expecting this autumn and reading the twilight saga and working so my world is abit full of stuff to do. but i won't let it put me off my work. i've noticed how hard it is to create charts of your without an image using microsoft word it's an utter farse but i works so i'll look the other way till i find something better :)

My Ravelry designer name is -Vanessa Townley my username is Nessastardom if you want to add me, hope to hear from you nessa knits xx

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  1. CONGRATS!! :D I will definitely have to look you up on rav!! :) sidenote:i loved reading the twilight series!! :) Have u seen the movie yet?!