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Monday, 11 May 2009

Totoro mitts

At the beginning of last week i decided to make something nice for my friends birthday, i decided upon some great totoro mittens by brella on ravelry. They took me a few days to make and was very pleased with result as there were infact my first pair of knitted mittens. My friend adores them but i know have the urge to knit a pair for myself.I was thinking of making my pair in the same light grey but with a deeper shade of pink.

my friend also recieved two studio ghibli books on the art of spirited away and howls moving castle which i'm hoping will help her with the animation course she's taking, And a circular needle i managed to get hold of in leeds which i randomly came across in the market.

I had a beautiful weekend off work, which doesn't happen alot so it was very much appreciated to have abit of weekend freedom. I awoke on saturday and went for a coffee at nero and did some knitting and finished reading the twilight, Met up with my mum did some shopping, went to my friends birthday party. and on sunday i shall admit i slept most of the day, and was very lazy it felt great lol!!
And know the mittens are out of the way, i'm finishing my totoro jumper which is coming along really well just abit of sleave to finish and the back and i'm done, although i am considering making a cowl to fit on the jumper and a couple of small pockets on the front on either side of totoro as finishing touches, still need to think about that abit more though.
hope to hear from you all xx

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  1. Lazy days are the best. And that's great that your friend liked her present!