This is my knitting blog to keep me and you up to date on what i'm doing for me its a designer journal almost and you can take a spy at the knitwear i create.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lots of things have happened, i just haven't had chance to say

It's crazy i haven't posted for a few weeks yet so much things happened, first of all i'm abit cranky this evening due to a new peircing thats just started hurting even though i had it done hours ago, it's a scaffold so it's giving me abit of ear ache, plus its on my sleeping side so bed time is going to be hell tonight. Anyways it looks great and i thank my friend steve for letting me be his lab rat lol!!

Second thing is over a week ago i started the first knitting club in wakefield uk. Whoop we are on ravelry for those that want to join the group is called nero's knitters, we knit every sunday from 1:30pm til we want to go home, last week was the first week which to be honest only had a small amount of people show up but saying that we had a great time, large coffee for the price of a regular aswell for the knitting group which for me was a bonus. With all the lace work going on i decided to have ago to see if i could actually do it and to my shock it's really not that hard and i finished my lace scarf yesterday only three days of knitting it and i blocked it today. it looks beautiful.

And i am now going to start my new pattern called mint chocolate socks, i'm using patons 100% cotton 4 ply shade -1726 , 1722 i have 2 skeins of each and they are 100g each so much knitting to do and pattern planning thats right a new pattern is on the horizon


  1. I found your blog from Ravelry and I'm just stopping by to ask if you're in Wakefield (near Rotherham) because my dad did our family history and my grandparents lived there in a place called "Old Globe Yard".

    Now, I'll continue on reading :o)

  2. yeah, it's wakefield near rotherham, good old wakey lol!! :)