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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I Haven't talked Much about my knitting lately

I Haven't mentioned much knitting lately mainly because i was rather busy these past few weeks.

And now i have too much time , my hours at work have been cut so most of my week is free to knit like a crazy lady.

And my knitting group is going from stength to strength more people are turning up to the nero's knitters group every weekend which is a superb thing.

And monday this week i had my moomin tattoo done on my leg at last, the colour work is going to be done later but i love it, My good friend mmbop shavaz is a practicing tattooist know and i was one of his testers lol!! And yes that is his name he had it changed from steve to mmbop lol!!!

I have also bought a spindle which is fantastic i can barely put it down it's an ashford drop spindle and i'm using merino wool already dyed. a red, orange and blue is being used the blue is actually name blueberry pie which is the main reason i purchased it lol!!

I have finished the ripple and tweed socks which took me a week to make and had to redo the toe but it all works fine and the pattern is cool. i know have 2 shawls on the go one is a medalion pieced shawl, and i'm debating my next pair of socks. i also have a balachlava to start. And petes jumper to carry on knitting and a lace cable jumper for me, i'm bombarded with knitting.

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